The Star Hotel

246 Silver Street Elko, NV 89801




      The Star Hotel opened in December of 1910 after a September construction start and building costs of

     $11,000.  The long time dream of Pete Jauregui to make a home away from home for Basques, had come true.

     Eleven rooms, one bath and heat from wood stoves provided a cozy home for herders needing a place to stay

     until spring.  Two years later, increased business demands required adding on, thus doubling the size of the

     building to its present day size.  Sheep bands were sold in the winter, leaving herders without a home.  The

     Star Hotel offered a friendly place with familiar language and customs, so unlike the English language and the

     incomprehensible customs they found in their new, strange land.


       The Basques, since recorded time, have always sought work wherever necessary to survive economically.

     Whether they were cod fishermen in Newfoundland prior to Leif Erickson, Europe's first whalers, or sailors

     Columbus relied on, they never forgot their homeland.  It was customary for Basques to immigrate and then,

     once established, bring over family.  It was common for religious people to immigrate, as evidenced in Mexico,

     which at the time included the American Southwest, California and Nevada.  The first bishop and archbishop of

     Mexico were Basque and influenced Basques to colonize the territory.  

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