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History 2


      Many Basques went to South America, and not until the 49'ers and the gold rush in the late 1840's, did the

     Basques send word of their new land.  They brought relatives to be ranchers and sheep herders, and as the

     word and idea spread, many Basques came and were among the primary developers of the open range sheep



       Time and political wars divided the Basques geographically, the North (France), the South (Spain).  "Zazpiak

     bat",  "the seven are one", symbolizes the four Spanish provinces and three French provinces.  The beginning

     of Basque nationalism and the name "Euskadi" referring to the Basque region, began in the 1890's.  It was a

     long time coming for a group of people and a language that evolved from the inhabitants of the caves of that

     region over 10,000 years.


       The Star Hotel was and continues to be a gathering place for all Basques.  When it was first built, night life

     was nonexistent and the Star began holding dances, forerunners to the Sheepherders' Ball, still held during

     the winter.  One attraction of these dances, was the presence of young Basque girls who had come over to

     work in the hotel as maids and waitresses.  Turn over was rapid because most of the young women quickly

     received marriage proposals.

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