The Star Hotel

246 Silver Street Elko, NV 89801


History 3


      Many Weddings were performed at the Star, and the Jaureguis would furnish the wedding supper and dance

     as a wedding gift to the happy couples.  In the years that followed the marriages, the Star served as a lying-

     in hospital for expectant mothers who came in from remote sheep camps and ranches where they lived.  Matilde

     Jauregui, wife of the owner, assisted the doctor with deliveries and care of the mothers and their new babies.

     Also, during World War I, a flu epidemic raged, and many stricken people were cared for at the Star.


       Board and room during the early years cost $1.00 a day, and drinks at the bar were eight to ten for $1.00.

     During prohibition, drinks were served in a private room where the evidence could quickly be hidden in the

     event of a raid.


     Meals were served family style, in the patterned copper ceiling dining room.  When the meals were ready, a

     waitress rang a large bell which could be heard everywhere in the hotel.  There were no menus, and everyone

     ate the same thing at long tables where they mingled while eating.  Meals included porru-salda (leek soup),

     baratzuri-salda (garlic soup), bacaloa a la vizcaina (salt cod in tomato and pimento sauce), clams and rice,

     garbanzos with chorizos, arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), rice pudding and flan or fruit.  Spaghetti and beans

     were added as side dishes.  Most early diners were boarders of the hotel.


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